Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A cup of tea :)

"So why is that so important about tea?"

 "I'm sick of your tea addictions!!!"

"Why can't we move ahead without passing through your tea territories?????"

"Why do we need a tea break after half an hour??????"

Well!Well!Well!  Some which are written above and many many more still lingering in my mind are the questions which I was and am always get bombarded with ..uff!!!

And sometimes I really feel like saying:

"So what is so important about tea? Its not a mathematical equation its a feeling and if you don't have an understanding for this I can't make you understand ;) "

"You are sick of my tea addictions??? Well, I don't think that three to four cups of tea can get registered as addiction :p "

"Here you are right..we can't move ahead till I refuel myself with some tea :D "

"After every half an hour? You must be makes 12 cups of tea in a dayyyy :-O "

You must be thinking what is this tea talk all about?
Its not about tea, its about anything which calms us in rush of life. It may be your favourite book, your comfy couch, your rusty lawn chair or may be a swing where you can sit for a while...or steaming coffee or a bowl of ice-cream or your prayer mat. Anything which is a refuge from tiresome chores, anything which is a moment of stillness in daily hustle bustle! A moment to rejoice! A moment to cherish! A moment to relax every single day!

Tea is only a symbol to define that moment.

Being a mom of three amazingly active and stubbornly strong headed kids I really need this moment. All of us know that once our day is started its difficult to spare a single moment and once kids are home, they need all the attention!
 I generously spare an hour enjoying my breakfast while reading a book or some magazine. I love my morning tea time when my elder ones are off to school and lil one still asleep. However, there are days (and such days come every other day :P ) when my little doll accompanies me in my tea spree by dipping her biscuits inside my cup....ah!

Well this is not the only break which I take, there is another one, which is my most favourite and I hardly forgo it. My late night cup of tea! When dinner is done, dishes are set in dishwasher, kids in the beds, lights are off, lamps are on...nothing like this! I don't want to end my day feeling tired. This half an hour rejuvenates me to brace another day with energy and smile :)

( There is a tiny secret to share with you ;p  sometimes I feel so tired that I simply dump dishes in the sink, sink in sofa and ask hubby to make me tea :D

 Take time to treat yourself with such cute little nothings. Even if you are working or have a tiring routine, give yourself a break. Don't rush from one day to another. Make a routine to do a cute thing to freshen up your soul before you sleep, lit a candle, snuggle with your spouse, peek in your kids room and see them sleeping blissfully, feel gratitude for the many many blessings you have in your life, feel happy, feel alive, feel spirited to embrace tomorrow with a warmth in your heart and a smile on your face :)
  Spare some time for yourself everyday. Give yourself a BREAK, everyday.

Thanks a lot for passing by :) Do share your own special moment of the day and how do you calm yourself in the rush of daily life. I'd love to read your comments .
Stay blessed,stay happy!
with Love
Aqs Hameed