Thursday, 14 November 2013

After all, tomorrow is another day!

May be or certainly Margaret Mitchell herself was unaware while writing the last lines of her famous novel "Gone With The Wind" that they'll make such a statement! What an impact! What a gravity!
"After all,tomorrow is another day!"
But to me this sentence is a simply stated fact. I cling to its surface meaning without digging inside. To me its a silver lining. Whenever I feel frustrated, which I feel pretty quickly ;P this sentence reassures me, holds my hand and tell me," no worries,my dear! tomorrow is another day!"
 It says that it doesn't matter if I kept yelling on my kids the entire day.It's fine if my laundry is over due. Its OK if my kitchen sink is full of dishes. Its normal to be angry with my spouse once in a while :P Its fine if my sister is not answering my call..... just relax and sleep and don't forget that tomorrow is another day.
 Wake up a little early than usual with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart, snuggle on your couch, slowly sip a hot cup of tea and feel bliss in the air, cherish the quietness of the moment. Think about the blessings which you have in your life. Be Grateful. Shower your kids with hugs and kisses. Hold your spouse' hands and smile. Once they are off to school and office you can immerse yourself in laundry or kitchen sink :) or a phone call to your sis whatever you prefer :D  
 Embrace your today. Rise and shine. Spend your day better than yesterday and plan your tomorrow better than today......... because........ tomorrow is another day, a vision to be true, a promise to be kept, a dream to be realised, a reason to dream, a cause to smile and move on, a surprise to look forward to, a motive to change and grow, an incentive to be A Better Me!
How beautiful is this life and how gracious is our God who keeps on giving us chances. Now is our turn to take a turn :) A right turn! A positive turn!
As Heath L.Buckmaster writes,"Often its not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are but don't know how to be."
We cling to the habits which we abhor deep in our hearts. For years and years we keep on living the way we were. We seldom give a chance to our better selves. We nurture our fears and insecurities. We stick to stinginess and refuse to accept the sugary delights which life offers us. We guard our grudges and let go of wishful thinking. We grumble a lot and smile less. We prefer to yell but refuse to listen. We can't tolerate others but want them to be patient with us. We are always busy but expect others to be always there when we need them.
  Over the time our habits become our nature and we start assuming that this is what we really are! We start ageing but stop growing. For us life becomes a journey from one phase to another. We keep on revolving in our circles instead of moving ahead! Why???? because we don't accept our weaknesses. We do realise but we don't accept!
I really like this quote by Heath L.Buckmaster , " We are products of our past but we don't have to be prisoners of it "
Yes we really don't need to be a prisoners of past. We need to shed off our old rusty scales and welcome the bright, beautiful world outside.
Now is the time to stop refusing and start accepting!
Now is the time to unlearn the habits which burdens our souls and our lives, which prevent us from being Better Us.

Now is the time to move on :)

 Stay blessed,stay happy and don't forget to leave a comment when you pass by :)
Thanks for reading :)
Aqs Hameed