Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Proactive Mom!

Yesterday I asked my hubby while we were in the car and I was imagining my unfinished blog, a rising pile of laundry, bag full of miscellaneous stuff lying sluggishly on our bed room floor.....etc. etc. I so wanted to lie on a couch, sipping my tea, reading a book or writing my blog :) I'm not a TV person :P ...... kids playing peacefully, their home works are done, their projects are completed .....aww..its getting long lets get back to the original text :D  I asked my hubby that I don't know how all these wonderful ladies out their manage to cope with so much work, home schooling, house keeping, blog writing and raising wonderful kids? And here I am always in a rush, running from one task to another, why can't I devise a system where things run smoothly ??? What is the difference between me and them?

" They are proactive! " He replied.
" What do you mean? " I asked
" To handle a situation before it actually arises! " My intelligent project manager replied.  {Isn't it lovely to compliment your spouse :D once in a while ;P }

 The very idea inspired me like anything and I decided to write my next entry about being 'proactive'!

 Proactive behaviour involves acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting. It means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen.

This is the definition I got form wikipedia and I'm totally adoring the concept :) and looking forward to implement it right from this very moment!

Last day all of us were enjoying pine nuts which my beloved Abu jee sent from Pakistan. (And let me tell you that Pakistan produces best pine nuts.) So all of us were devouring them. I stopped early and started doing something else while others were still busy in eating. After a while when I was relaxing on recliner working on my blog, I saw everyone one else was gone and left overs were on the table and my 23 months old princess was lurking beside. I thought to get up and throw them in trash bin but then changed my mind. ( Seriously I was pretty exhausted at that time and so craved to have some quiet time with myself.) But little doll didn't change hers and before I could stop her all the plates were nicely dumped on floor!

Had I wisely acted on time ,I could have avoided all the mess but I delayed and then reacted when a situation was already created !

It was a tiny example but if we sit for a while and write down all the recurrent situations where we prefer to react instead to act, we will find a long list in front of us!

Most of the time most of us are reacting instead of acting!

Being parents we can very well perceive the onset moods of our kids. Taking action at the right time when bad moods are about to ripe, can avoid tantrums. 
 Its obvious to a mommy when siblings arguments are turning into fist fight but mostly moms are engaged in so many things that we simply avoid interfering in a hope that they will solve the issues among themselves but deep in our hearts we know that it will not happen. We know when its will lead to a fight and when it will end in an argument so timely action avoids later problems.
Being proactive enables us to hold a situation instead of getting held by it.
Let's be proactive. Think ahead of time. Plan in advance. Be prepared. Take initiative. Act instead of reacting!