Saturday, 30 November 2013

How to be a Better Mom in 31 days :)

You may be thinking why a better Mom and why not a better person?

 Well I think most of us are already better persons! We tolerate many unpleasant behaviours, we expect and accept obscenities with patience, we understand each others limitations, we care and share, we cooperate and appreciate, we listen attentively and answer politely. And most of us most of the time manage to follow most of above mentioned traits....which according to my opinion makes us good persons....but... let's pause for a while and think about the times when we couldn't manage to follow these qualities.....I don't know about others but I can share mine!
To rest of the world I'm a sweet person who talks politely and smiles a lot :P but somehow my otherwise composed self takes a ride into tantrum alley once my kids are around :O

But I truly despise myself for losing my control over and over with my kids. I had enough of promising to Allah that I'm extremely sorry for being so ungrateful and from now on I'll be a better mom. I'm tired of reminding myself three times a day that it doesn't matter a bit whether their meal is finished or not, their room is clean or messy, thing which matters is my yelling and screaming which may leave dirty scratches on their innocent minds. Its perfectly fine if my daughter wants to wear that hilariously unusual combination, I am mature enough to not to think what others would say, my daughter's self esteem is most important to me than people s opinion but still I'll persuade her to wear something nice and proper, I remind myself time and again that there is no harm in letting things go........ there are so many ifs and its that I possibly couldn't write them and if I try I'll end up in having mile high blog just like the building they are planning to build in Jaddah :P

The core point is that to me it doesn't matter what others would think about me but I cannot bear it if my kids think low of me. However, ironically I always give the best of myself to others than to my kids!

Though I'm always not like this but still my tantrums are recurrent and my smiles are few, I anger more and joke less!

I read articles and books about parenting, I discuss with my friends and share with experts but nothing could improve me. I appreciate all the great tips, tools and tactics regarding parenting which I get through different people and channels but I couldn't get enough nerves and time to practise them. They evaporate the moment my kids answer me back.

I want to be a mom with strong nerves and calm personality. How can I teach them to LIVE life when every little situation from sibling fighting to dirty rooms freak me out. How can I expect them to use reason with each other when I'm forcing my decsionns on them. How can I guide them if I'm lost in half way. I seriously need to improve myself!

I so want to be the best memory of my kids' childhood!!!

 And I know that I can do it all I need is a believing heart, a determined mind, a smiling face and a hot cup of tea :)

All of us read a lot, discuss in detail, share to the last bit about parenting but what we forget is 'practising'. Practising every day, all the time till it becomes our habit, till it becomes us, till every situation offers us solution, till we become better moms!

So from now on we will practise. One habit each day! Its difficult to memorise an entire article but quite easy to practise one thing. tomorrow is first December and I'll share one parenting tool every day till 31st December. And together we will make sure to stick to it on daily basis with a hope to emerge on first of January as Better Moms than we are now inshAllah :)

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