Sunday, 8 December 2013

Let's arrange kids'closet!

How ironical is the fact that to aim at high status of being an affectionate, compassionate, calm and controlled Mom we have to accomplish little things! Clean rooms, tidy closets seem very superficial words in comparison to the big phrase of ' being a better Mom '!
 But the fact is these tiny details shape a fine, composed and controlled Mom. You can think better, focus with all your senses when your surroundings are calm.
 Tidy closets mean organised room, organised room represents focused kids, focused kids make calm home, calm home means a really happy Mom! So, you see its a vicious cycle but you are the one who is supposed to initiate it! How! By providing a less mess less fuss system of closet maintaining :) Super easy :
  • Attack your kids closet with two bags labelled 'give aways' and 'throw aways'. Any piece of cloth lying there which you really adore but your child deeply dislikes, put it in either of the bags.
  • 'If a thing is not beautiful or useful, don't keep it.' I don't remember who said it and where I read it but its a great help in sorting things out :)
  • Taking out one shirt is never an easy task for kids. They love to take their time in sorting out. Unfolding rest of the tees to choose one they want to wear! Let's help them in deciding by using hangers. Hang every tee shirt so that your child can easily browse and choose.
  • Whether shirts or jackets or pull overs its easy for kids to hang than to fold.
  • Use small bins, baskets or mini hampers for kids socks, vests and undies.

  • I use this toy hamper to dump all the socks, tights and leggings :)

  • More than necessary clothes mean more confusion and more mess. To avoid this buy sensibly. Don't let 'sales' entice you in stuffing your closets with unnecessary things.
  • Choose a number according to your kids' routine and don't let number of shirts and denims exceed it.
  • Its wonderful to buy new clothes for kids but don't forget to maintain the number you chose. Buy one new shirt, give away an old one. Encourage kids to use donation box.

To develop any healthy habit whether its room cleaning or keeping closets tidy your presence matters a lot. Be there when its your kids changing time. Encourage them to put dirty clothes in hamper. Ask them to hang their coats or pullovers. They are little. Understand their limits. Make it fun time by telling some story or asking interesting questions. Don't be in hurry and don't rush them to do things. Your attitude towards work at this tender age matters a lot. It will make them define 'work' in later years of their life either as ' drudgery ' or ' fun ' !
These habits doesn't take a decade to confirm, only few months of patience and you'll earn life long healthy patterns for your kids as for as yourself.
Everything is totally IMPOSSIBLE without your PRESENCE! You can spend ages on shouting ," put it back! " while resting on the couch or preparing meals in kitchen. They may put it back but the moment you'll forget it, they'll forget it. So be there! Be a part of their routines! Help them out! With Mom around any thing is a fun activity! This is the time you are required to spend with your tots to be a proud Mom of amazing teens!
Day two; Be Prepared
Day three; Be there!
Day Four; Watch your Expectations!
Day Five; Let's bake some cupcakes!
Day Six; Five minutes means five minutes!
Day Seven; Weekend Fun!
Day Eight; How to help your kids to keep their room tidy!
Day Nine; Let's arrange your kids' closet!
Day Ten; Please don't embarrasse Mama :(
Day Eleven; Be a Proactive Mom!
Day Twelve; Engage your kids in household work!
Day Thirteen; Let's decorate some cupcakes!
Day Fourteen; Listen to them!
Day Fifteen; Be Patient!
Day Sixteen; Inspire your child to dream!
Day Seventeen; Give them books :)
Day Eighteen; Give values to your kids!
Day Nineteen; Let's be grateful to our kids for being there!
Day Twenty; Pamper your child :)
Day Twenty-One; Be a Happy Mom :)
Day Twenty-two; 'Our kids are for different times.'
Day Twenty-three; Hugs and Kisses :)
Day Twenty-four; Be the first and the best friend of your child :)
Day Twenty-five; Parenting is about growth!
Day Twenty-six; Enjoy your child!
Day Twenty-seven; Keep on moving; your efforts will be rewarded!
Day Twenty-eight; Routines are life savers!
Twenty-nine; Connect your kids!
Day Thirty; You are the best Mom :)
Day Thirty-one Heavy lies the head that wears a crown !

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