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How to help your chid to keep her room organised ?

It was quite quiet at our place which is always quite alarming so I slowly crawled upstairs to see what my little party is up to and got the shock of my life....they were in their room and room was a disaster! Floor was working as a big giant laundry hamper, toys were out of the boxes, books were down from the shelves...I didn't even tried to compose myself and roared," What is going on here??????????"
 "Nothing mama, we are just playing." They were so enjoyably busy in cluttrifying that they didn't even bother to look at me.
"Ok, fine... but remember none of you'll leave this room till every thing goes back to its place. Am I clear? "
" Very clear Mama now please goooo we are playing."
" And no last minutes fight and crying that its his mess or its her mess!"
" Obviously we know this, now can you go, pleaaaase. "
" Fine, but remember, If you'll come downstairs without cleaning, you will be grounded and I mean it!!!"
"Okayyyyy, now can we play?"
"Ok, enjoy yourself, mama loves you."
"We love you too!"

I  knew it well that in the end it will be me clearing all the mess and these happy, merry kids will be in a tantrum alley the moment they will start clean up! This is what always happen! "But not this time, I thought determinedly, " They have to clear this clutter otherwise I won't let them go out."

Surprisingly after an hour or so both of them came laughing, giggling, "We've cleared everything Mama, can we go out to play."
" Really!" I was in doubt. "Let me go and check first."
Once again I got the shock of my life, room was tidy like anything! Even beds were done. I was overjoyed and so were kids as they got some cookies after lots of hugs and kisses.
Other day when kids were off to school and I was hoovering their room, I received the third and the biggest shock of all those which I already had till now. All the toys from dollys to cars, plastic beads to rotten plant seeds, blocks to clock or whatever you name it was right there...skillfully dumped under the beds and chest of drawers!!!
 How I managed to take all those things out is a long long tale and how I sorted them out and put them back is another!

But at that time I was really shocked. I seriously believe in fact ' a place for everything and everything at its place ' still I find my household in chaos , why??????

 I have organisers to arrange things, there is a huge lot of bins in every possible sizes in my kids play area and room. Big bins for big cars, medium for medium sized and then small for tiny ones. There are lots of mini bins and big boxes for my daughter's art and craft. Board games and puzzles are supposed to go in separate drawers. Then what is wrong? When we have got them everything to keep things arranged, the only thing they are supposed to do is to pick up the stuff and put them back. Then why they have turned it into a mission impossible? Why???

This 'why' was bothering me and I wanted an answer for that!

The moment I finished the big task cleaning and clearing and sat on the carpet to catch my breath , I exclaimed, " God, it was overwhelming! "
And that was the moment I got the answer of my all 'whys' !

" It was overwhelming! "

" Yes, it was overwhelming ! "

Now when I got the answer, it was time to look for a solution!
I saw, re saw, thought, observed and found out that my kids are spending more time in cleaning and clearing than actually playing with toys! And I am spending quarter of my day and most of my energies in getting angry, picking their little gizmos from here and there and taking them back. As kids room is upstairs its quite a tiring task.

Kids love to tidy up things. They love to arrange and organise. Its one of the innate abilities they are born with. But too much of things confuse them. They lose control and start panicking. They cannot make sense of things  and feel overwhelmed which gradually and eventually leads them to tantrum throwing, arguing, refusing to work.

Gradually I found some ways which help me to keep the toys as means to entertain us not a tool to trigger screaming sprees :)

  •  Don't stuff your kids room with too much of stuff!
  • Sort the toys in short anything present in kiddos room on regular basis.
  • Use a carton to serve as a 'donation box' . Encourage your kids to drop a toy on regular basis. 
  • Don't put all the toys in your kids' room at a time. Choose a number and don't let toys exceed that number. Use an empty carton or a big plastic bin fitted with a lid to store remaining toys. Keep on rotating , it will keep the interest alive!
  • If you buy a new toy for your child, encourage him to donate any of the older toys.
  • To develop any healthy habit whether its room cleaning or keeping closets tidy your presence matters a lot. Go straight to kids when you know that they are done with playing. Encourage them to put things back not with words but by doing it practically. They are little. Understand their limits. Make it fun time by telling some story or asking interesting questions. Don't be in hurry and don't rush them to do things. Your attitude towards work at this tender age matters a lot. It will make them define 'work' in later years of their life either as ' drudgery ' or ' fun ' !
  • Make a habit of fifteen minutes clean up before sleeping. Get two pretty bins or cute baskets or keep it simple and go for used shopping bags, tag your kids names on them. Ask them to browse every room, pick up their toys, books, colours, crayons, games, shirt, upper or whatever belong to them and return them to their proper places.
  • These habits doesn't take a decade to confirm, only few months of patience and you'll earn life long healthy patterns for your kids as for as yourself.
  • Everything is totally IMPOSSIBLE without your PRESENCE! You can spend ages on shouting ," put it back! " while resting on the couch or preparing meals in kitchen. They may put it back but the moment you'll forget it, they'll forget it. So be there! Be a part of their routines! Help them out! With Mom around any thing is a fun activity! This is the time you are required to spend with your tots to be a proud Mom of amazing teens!

Day two; Be Prepared
Day three; Be there!
Day Four; Watch your Expectations!
Day Five; Let's bake some cupcakes!
Day Six; Five minutes means five minutes!
Day Seven; Weekend Fun!
Day Eight; How to help your kids to keep their room tidy!
Day Nine; Let's arrange your kids' closet!
Day Ten; Please don't embarrasse Mama :(
Day Eleven; Be a Proactive Mom!
Day Twelve; Engage your kids in household work!
Day Thirteen; Let's decorate some cupcakes!
Day Fourteen; Listen to them!
Day Fifteen; Be Patient!
Day Sixteen; Inspire your child to dream!
Day Seventeen; Give them books :)
Day Eighteen; Give values to your kids!
Day Nineteen; Let's be grateful to our kids for being there!
Day Twenty; Pamper your child :)
Day Twenty-One; Be a Happy Mom :)
Day Twenty-two; 'Our kids are for different times.'
Day Twenty-three; Hugs and Kisses :)
Day Twenty-four; Be the first and the best friend of your child :)
Day Twenty-five; Parenting is about growth!
Day Twenty-six; Enjoy your child!
Day Twenty-seven; Keep on moving; your efforts will be rewarded!
Day Twenty-eight; Routines are life savers!
Twenty-nine; Connect your kids!
Day Thirty; You are the best Mom :)
Day Thirty-one Heavy lies the head that wears a crown !

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