Friday, 15 November 2013

I loVvve my Cell ... ( Part one )

I never knew the feeling of  having a smart phone till I got one from my hubby on my last birthday. It felt like holding a magic wand in your hands and I instantly fell in love with my Note 2. No more lap top charging, no more fuss over lost cords, no switching on or shutting down. Entire world was on my finger tips.

 Little A is worries, google about it while sorting laundry. Art projects for elder ones...You tube is there. In a mood to try some new recipes...all the cuisines around the world are a blink away. Wanna plan a surprise birthday for hubby...hundreds are out there to share hundreds of ideas. Kids are throwing tantrums...browse parenting blogs. Feeling frustrated...get motivated by sharing your feelings with others on different platforms.

From planning a holiday to ordering on line meals and getting tips about nursing...every solution was there! Life was fun!

And then there was facebook! Back in the age of laptop I eagerly used to wait for my kids to get asleep so that I can get a glimpse of my friends and relatives'lives.

 But now it was a click away. So I was all the time on the go! Not a single notification got missed!

 What a fun it is to see the pics of all those lovely people who used to be a part of your life in olden days. And obviously you would like to share your own pics as well! So there was an additional activity on top of my to do list..taking photos and uploading them. From kids to meals, places to parties nothing should be missing.
  However sometimes all these lofty statuses and amazing pics of my facebook lot would made me think ... "looks like these people have a lot of servants to do all the chores for them and their husbands are next to the CEO of some top ranking firm the way they are spending their vacations ( or no vacations) in world tours ;P "

And then all that sharing! Me and hubby sitting together, enjoying coffee, smiling and laughing...he is reading a hilarious joke shared by his old buddy and I am all smiles by looking at the latest photo of my school friend.

Everything was going perfectly fine till the day my elder daughter grumbled," Mama, Abu jan should have given you something else as a present?"

"Why?" I was amazed

"Why? she stated with her eyes wide open," because you are all the time busy with it!"

"That's not fair, I complained,"not all the time. just think who would have done all the work, had I been busy with my phone all the time?"

"May be when we are not around then you put it down, she was quite angry. " For last ten minutes I'm trying to tell you something but you are not LISTENING."

"Sweetie I was just  checking the whatsapp, there may be some important message. But now I'm  all yours, tell me what were you saying?"

Unfortunately the moment she started, my cell beeped and unconsciously I opened it.

"MAMA!" she protested and angrily went upstairs.

"Hey sweetheart listen to mama" I called her while liking new pic of my friend. But she was too angry that she didn't even reply. I decided to follow her but couldn't as my brain and fingers were busy searching some nice words to comment.

However, soon things took a better turn. My kids downloaded their favourite games on it and now they were in love with it as much as I was. But it started new argument that who will take it first :)

Then one day when I came out of kitchen holding my lil one, rest of family was relaxing in lounge. My sweet hubby was almost laughing  while reading something on mobile and my elder kids were hilariously laughing while watching or may be playing some game. It seemed quite strange to me. All of them, a father and two kids sitting on same couch, laughing together are in reality not laughing together.

It seemed so artificial that I abruptly suggested," Aaa..why don't you go out and play for a while? Weather is wonderful!"

No Reply

I repeated again but........ No Reply

This time I called each one of them with their names. I n return I received different tones of 'what?' in a same indifferent tone. I repeated my question but still there was no answer. My husband smiled and without even looking outside said," yeah, weather is good." and  got engaged with his interrupted activity. Kids however didn't bother to smile even.

That was the moment when I realised what frustrated my daughter so much!

I was hearing her but not listening to her!

It was the first twist in my smart phone love story!

There was something wrong! Seriously wrong! And I needed to do something about it!

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Thanks for reading :)