Monday, 2 December 2013

Be Prepared ! (Day 2 of how to be a better Mom in 31 days)

Nothing can be more effective to handle any situation than 'planning and prepartion'!

 I cannot focus on my child's project while cooking chicken karahi or chopping vegetables for chow mein or making chapatis.I'm sure there must be some super moms out there who can manage both the child and roti at one time but it's not me. Even if I desire to, still I cannot jumble my household work and my kids' activities. The moment I would leave them, a weird series of screaming, fighting, giggling, dancing, shouting and running will start which will end up in my amazing metamorphosis from a loving mom to threatening mother and finally to a yelling zombie !

Yet, I'm incomparably calm and in my best moods with all my wits and strengths ready to help me out at a seconds notice when my house is clean, my dinner is ready and my laundry is under control :)
One of the best parenting tactics I learnt over the years is 'plannaing and preparation'
Here are some super simple but random momy' tips which are great help to keep me sane in most of the situations ;
  • Routines are life savers.
  • Make 'to do lists'.
  • Menu during week days should be simple and quick mix recipes.
  • Its convenient to cook in the morning when kids are in school.
  • If you don't like the idea of early cooking or the dish you want to make is cannot be made so early ( rice, baked pastas etc. ) then you can do the preparation, cutting and chopping in the morning.
  • Make a routine and religiously follow it.
  • Do laundry frequently.
  • Less is more. Keep as much stuff as you can easily manage.
  • Keep extra stationery and crafts stuff at home.
  • Wake up early. Its essential to keep mornings less chaotic and more pleasant. Even ten minutes can make a big difference. ( It will make my hubby laugh ;P )
  • Keep kids uniform, bags, shoes or anything they need in the morning ready.
  • Decide kids' breakfast and school lunch before going to bed.
  • Don't rush your kids from one chore to another. Wake up early and facilitate things for them. Help them out! Be there!
  • Stop any other work altogether when its kids home time.
  • Keep lunch ready before your kids reach home.
  • Nothing is more accessible than Refrigerator. Use its door as your daily manager. Buy a  small magnet board or sticky notes. Note down whatever comes to your mind from required grocery items to little jobs to be done.
  • Make a routine of  'daily fifteen minutes clean up' before kids' bed time. Monitor them and help them in putting things back.
  • Be reasonable in your demands from your child. Kids can be overwhelmed quickly.
  • Be reasonable in your demand from yourself.
  • Don't overestimate your energies.
At times how hard we try we cannot manage things. It happens with all of us and its perfectly fine. When you feel that you are losing grip of your patience then hold tight to COMPASSION.
Wishing you a wonderful day !

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