Wednesday, 27 November 2013

On board with kids :)


Travelling with kids always freak us out. But a little planning physically as well as mentally can make it real FUN for all of us. Here I'll share some of my hands on knowledge which I gained over last many years after a real LOT of travelling :)

This is second part of my blog ' On board with kids ' . You can read first part here


  • What a relief it is to reach hotel even if its a two hours flight! The whole lot of work which you've been doing over last so many days is about to be rewarded! But a little bit of work on the very day or night your reach your destination will turn your days into no messing no fussing time. Yes, you're right, I'm about to suggest lets unpack! Though its a tiring step to take on very first day but nothing can surpass its effectiveness. The energy and time you'll spend now for maximum an hour will earn you coming days full of relaxation and leisure.
  • All the hotel rooms have closets and chest of drawers. Allocate one drawer to one child. Put their stuff inside and make them in charge of it. Once their clothes ( denims, shirts, undies, socks) will be arranged, it will be easy for them to pick and wear whatever they like. Particularly when everything inside is their favourite :) Read part 1 :)
  • Once bags are empty and everything at its place, stack them on the holder or place them in a corner.
  • Turn the vacant part of your room closet into a laundry hamper. Fold and dump all your soiled and dirty clothes there. It will end the hassle of opening and closing bags again and again. Even kids can easily manage to do this. And in the end all you are required to do is to pick up all the clothes and dump them in your suitcases.
  • Specify a place for shoes :D     You may dislike the idea but it really freaks me out to see shoes everywhere so on the very first day I specify a corner for shoes and try that kids drop their shoes in that corner.Though mostly its me who is doing it because either my kids are tired or not in a mood or in a bad mood or will definitely do it later :P
  • Spot the nearest shop or superstore and get a good lot of milk packs,water,cereal bars, kids' favourite spread ,bread,some fruits and a pack of zip lock bags to keep sandwiches. Each morning, before leaving hotel put required number of bars, milks packs, sandwiches and water bottles in your backpack to avoid sudden hunger pangs which soon turns into tantrums. I prefer to take cereal bars as they are more convenient and my kids love them. Bread and spread are better to curb in room cravings.
  • Don't bring any junk food to your room!
  • Don't try to stuff kids with food against their will. Its not a good idea to turn vacations into food wars with kids. I know for us moms its mission impossible to hold ourselves back from fussing over unfinished meals but believe me that you will get better results if you ignore it, only for vacations. They will not starve themselves, they will come to you asking for milk or fruit or cereal the moment they will feel hungry. And please no reprimanding when they come to you like....' I knew that,you always do this...when I was begging you to eat you were running away and now you want to stuff your stomach with these bars....remember, they are for emergency not for your untimely love to trouble me............................!!!   
  • ' Happy Mom Happy Family ' whenever I've tried this its effecectiveness was beyond words so try to be in good spirits all the time and everyone around you will rock :)
  • Its not an old story but a short tale from our last trip abroad. We were in Malaysia and got late in the morning. We quickly dressed up and left hotel in an excitement as we were going to the bird park. Kids were really excited. As it was almost around twelve and everyone was hungry so we decided to have lunch first. My hubby suggested to go to McDonald which was very close to hotel  and kids agreed but I simply refused on the grounds that we should try something new and local. Well, there was an argument between me and my daughter who so wanted to eat McDonald. However with the support of hubby I won the contest and we headed towards the nearest mall. Food was really sumptuous but lunch was a disaster. Both the kids simply refused to eat as they didn't like the taste and grumbled that food is spicy, little one refused to sit in high chair and kept on running, me and hubby kept on bribing .... you're so good mashAllah please eat and then we'll get some ice cream, threatening ...... we'll not take you to any other trip if you cannot eat local food :O   and eventually scolding ........ look all this food is getting wasted :-/         Unfortunately by the time lunch was finished, all of us were in low spirits and bad moods. Lesson learnt was that there is no harm to try new cuisine but not at a time when
you have to reach somewhere
you are running short of time and your mental muscles are already strained
its a new place and you're not sure of taste of food they provide ( my kids were right, food was way spicy than they are used to eat !)
kids are not interested
Following evening we tried a nice Malaysian restaurant and it was a great hit because
We had plenty of time and were not in a rush
It was a mutual decision and kids were prepared to try something new
We read and reread and reread menu and wisely chose our dishes
  • Vacations are incomplete without photos. But sometimes we spend most f our time in calling and collecting family members for perfect family pic. Everyone wants to have beautiful recollections to enjoy in future.But in this past and future duel we neglect our present. So be there! Capture memories but without a big fuss. Let your kids walk,talk,run,play and laugh and keep on clicking as much as you want without bothering about proper poses. However one family photo per place is a must to have :D

  • Its almost impossible to visit all the places of any resort so don't rush from one place to another. Plan according to your family preferences and enjoy !!!
  • In childhood nothing can surpass the Joy of licking an ice cream cone,munching pop corns and gobbling candy floss while you are on vacations. So let your kids have some junk and memories to cherish!
     Vacations are the best time to bond and connect! And being 'mom' you are the centre of gravity! With little effort and hard work, some planning and preparation, lots of hugs and too much of kisses you can turn your vacations into ever lasting memories for your kids :)