Monday, 2 December 2013

Be There! ( Day three of ' How to be a better Mom in 31 days ' )

Kids were back from school having after lunch TV time while chewing Nido.{ I was thinking for the right word...eating, gobbling, munching..finally I settled with 'chewing' :) }Nido is one of the favourite snacks of my kids. You may be surprised but we don't have any other option. Any type of junk is strictly forbidden to bring home with grocery. We buy it for them when we are out for shopping or grocery or sometimes there are special junk getting trips to baqala where kids can get their favourite food but only one. So I've to give them some substitute to curb the cravings......phew that was long ;P

So my kids were chewing Nido and watching TV. Dishes were done, lounge was clean, kids were fed and mommy's tea was brewing! I hope you've got the perfect picture I'm trying to portray :) In short there was calm, peace and order!
 But ......the moment I took the first sip of my hot and slightly sweet tea, my little one who was sitting beside her elder brother accidentally bumped into his bowl and millions of little grains of milk powder, puffed in the air and finally settled on sofa and floor!!!
 I was about to turn into a zombie when I saw my son trying to clear the mess. He was trying to wipe the sofa and floor with his hands and I saw how little and cute his hands are! He was trying to collect the powder and dump it in the bin. He spent seven to ten minutes in cleaning.When he thought that its clean now, he sat on the sofa (same one still with powdery remains ) and started watching cartoons. Though he tried really hard yet it was still messy. But I didn't mind because I saw him trying!  Imagine what would have happened had I not been there?????  I would have come, seeing him enjoying TV carelessly dumped on dirty sofa with empty bowl on table and powdery specs everywhere...I must have said," why? what is this mess? Godddd I have just finished cleaning..why can't you eat properly, you are a big boy now...and you've not even tried to clean tried..... it doesn't look like.....don't ask me for Nido again.....etc.etc."

But since I witnessed the incident my response was different!

Kids are intelligent little human beings. They understand the demands of their parents. They can perceive expectations. But like adults they have their limitations. If their ways are not up to our expectations, it doesn't mean they are not trying. It means that we are not being there! We see and decide! We look and judge! We need to see through the expressions of child before deciding! We should try to look into the feelings before judging!

So today's task is to ' be there ' ! Count till ten before commenting to any situation!

Rethink before responding! Don't react! Don't judge! Relate to the situation! Be there! Be compassionate !

Its a part of our series ' How to be a better Mom in 31 days! '


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Wishing you a wonderful day !
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