Sunday, 1 December 2013


Today is the first of our thirty one days road trip to be 'better mom' :) And pleasantly we don't need to ride a tactics train to take us to parenting station :)

Today we will walk! Yes, we'll walk, without rushing, without fussing! Simply enjoying things around us. Listening to every little sound! Cherishing every little gesture! Feeling every little blessing! Being COMPASSIONATE !

Keep all the voices quiet! Only feel! Feel compassion! Relate to your kids! Feel with them! Be there!

No one can dare to doubt a mom's love for her child. We sooo love our kids.... truly, madly, passionately and deeply! But do we love them COMPASSIONATELY ?

Generally compassion means 'to suffer together' but it encircles an arena of definitions! Its a feeling which enables us to understand and respond others! It makes us to feel with them and relate to them!

You don't need to force your anger and anxiety out of your system. They are a part of you. Let them be there. But don't listen to them today. Its not their day!

Be compassionate with all your senses! Don't let any other feeling take you over!

Take deep breaths, yes now, while reading this, compassionate! Willingly and Knowing! I can feel the change within even this very moment!

Wishing you a wonderful day !

Stay blessed and Compassionate!

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Its a part of our series ' How to be a better Mom in 31 days! '