Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Watch your expectations! ( Day 4 of 'How to be a better Mom in 31 days )

Expectations! Expectations! Expectations!

How strange it is... we create them, we raise them, we nurture them but when a little person who doesn't have a least idea about what is going deep down in our hearts, doesn't reach to them we feel sad and frustrated.This utter disappointment settle on our hearts and blurs our vision. Surprisingly the more it agitates us the more we cling to it. Because feelings are contagious, they affect other party in the same way. It generates insecurities and uncertainties which result in rude behaviour.

According to parenting experts, the fastest and most effective way to reduce behaviour problems is to realign your expectations with your child's developmental stage.

 Now is the day to realign our expectations!

The moment passion gets hold of compassion we stop relating. We couldn't see that other person is trying.Though he is not reaching up to the mark but still he is trying. And this is what matters!

In our rush to get things done we neglect the fact how really small our kids are! Their brains are still developing! Their hands are little and so is their stamina! The mess we are seeing now may be an effort to clear the bigger mess which had been there! These dirty stains may be a try to wipe off muddy feet splodges! Those soaking wet sleeves can be a way to wash off grass and soil!

These hands are still little! They will spill the liquids, soil the shirts, break the china ! Let them grow! Don't be angry! Be there! Be compassionate! Prepare and plan! Facilitate things for them! Help them to help you! Do more, expect less!

Its a part of our series ' How to be a better Mom in 31 days! '


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