Monday, 30 December 2013

Be the first and the best friend of your child !

Sometimes you feel that parenting is about taking an endless ride in tantrum alley. It starts from tantrum two and terrible three and goes on and on to prancing preteens and traumatizing teens!

With the start of teens start a labyrinth of insecurities and uncertainties! We devise and re devise strategies to cope with the situation. Life seems a battle ground where both parties are engaged in verbal wars and power struggles! Agreements are signed, vows are taken, promises are made but situation stays same. Both sides feel beaten and betrayed! Misunderstandings ripen, rifts develop, bonds are broken and connections are lost.

Parents get clingy and kids get cranky! Parents try to be close and child starts avoiding! Parents are worried and kids are distressed! All the efforts to reconnect go in vain!

But how can you reconnect when a connection is not there, was never there!

 The efforts you are putting now were supposed to be put years ago!

Remember the time when your little toddler used to create havoc to get your attention but you were always busy either in work or leisure. It is an easy option to engage innocent minds in i pads or cartoon networks, to have some fun chat with friends without any interruption :P

Most of the time most of us divert our children’s attention to ‘OUR’ substitutes. We think we have engaged their attention in a positive activity. They would learn to have other healthy time passes instead of following and focusing on Mom. It gives us pleasure to see that our child is becoming independent and we can sip our coffee in peace!

We overlook the fact that we are laying wrong foundation for our little sweetheart. He is not being independent instead he is being addicted to the gadgets and artificial diversions we are providing him with!

No matter how tiring it is, parenting is not a phase in our life, it’s a lifelong process which continues till years and decades! Cravings to compromise over long term benefits to get short term comforts may cost us a lot!!!

Think before it’s too late! Let your kids disrupt your privacy today, so when you want to be a part of their life tomorrow, they would welcome you with a warm smile! Engage them in your little pursuits to be able to share their big dreams! Listen to their tiny tales now, if you desire to be in their story tomorrow!

Be compassionate! Relate to them! Listen to them and laugh with them!

Be the first and the best friend of your child when she is a toddler and rejoice an amazing bond for your entire life!!!