Monday, 30 December 2013

Hugs and Kisses :)

Just imagine the immense pleasure you’ll get when twenty years from now, your once toddler will emerge as an independent, responsible adult… when these tiny palms who need you to wash their mud off, will hold your hands and kiss them on returning home…..when this little forehead with messy tangled hair will ask for a good bye kiss before leaving! What will you feel when these thin arms will turn into a strong, muscular support for your aging self!

What a bliss! What a pride! However it’s not an easy treat which ripens overnight!  You have to cultivate the culture of love expression at the tender age, nurture and guard it through growing years to cherish its sweetness at maturity!

We hold, cuddle, kiss and hug our babies but the moment they step out of our laps our touch and caress gradually gets less and less!

 In the rush of life we unconsciously alienate from each other, time flies away …years pass into moments and our tiny tots step into their teens and here starts the era of detachment!   

Nip it even before it starts growing!

Don’t forget to kiss your kids when they are going to school. Welcome them with warm hugs! Snuggle them to sleep, cuddle them to wake up!
Don’t let the charm of Mom’s hug get vanished in the alley of hesitation!
Hold their hands and comb their hair! Let them rest their heads on your lap, rub their backs and message their temples! Shower them with kisses! Hug them as much as you can!