Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Let's be grateful to our kids for being there!

 Today is one of those rarest days when my kids decide to give Mama a happy shock…no fighting, no yelling, listening to mama, helping in work, cleaning at their own to surprise me...!!! Whatever I do to preach myself about selfless, unconditional, maternal love regardless of their behavior still I get annoyed when they push my buttons and feel happy beyond words when they BEHAVE! And then I remember the days when I was traumatized by fears and uncertainties. There were some miscarriages and infertility problems in our family and I was afraid that I’d be among them. And now I have three wonderful blessings in my life who converted my leisure seeking, lazy self into an all time errand running entity…phew!!! In the wake of time, rush of life, unfinished tasks, failing commitments, rising demands, stress of chores and need to do more and more, I have totally forgotten all the stress and distress, fears and uncertainties I once felt!

Sometimes, some days and even weeks are really tough, you put all your efforts to manage your house hold but when you tie one end, other gets loose. And irony is that there is no human hand to support you except your own! Being a Mom you are supposed to facilitate things for rest of your family!

Let's reconnect to past when tedium of life try to disconnect us from our present! 
Let’s remember the moment when we held our child in our hands for the first time, lets’ remember her smiles, her first laughter, her first words, her first steps, her first tantrum…………………………… and here my thoughts are getting blurred and so are my eyes………….it is one of those times when my words are few and my feelings are abundant…. Joy, serenity, calm, tenderness, warmth!

 So, let’s be grateful to our kids for being there. They are meanings to our being, twinkle to our eyes, and smile to our face, content to our hearts, reason to our passion, and colour to our life!

 This mess is precious, this hassle is adorable, this fatigue is worthy, this time is short, let’s cherish its every   moment!