Saturday, 7 December 2013

Weekend Fun :D (Day 7 of 'How to be a better Mom in 31 days')

Its weekend! And I'm late for today's post :P

Well today's 'to do' is to create a family ritual for weekends. Let's think about something fun and exciting and interesting which both parties, kiddos and parents can enjoy!

  • Weather is lovely these days in Riyadh. Let's go for a picnic to nearby park with some juices, sandwiches and peanuts.
  • Eat your lunch in your front lawn or have a tea party at back yard.
  • Put some fresh or whatever flowers or leaves you can get on the kitchen table, lit a candle and have a lovely dinner.
Keep things simple but exciting!

You don't need to spend a lot of either time or energy or money to brighten things up. Kids love change and you can easily do it!
  • If you live in an apartment then have leisure brunch on the terrace.
  • Change into pyjamas, make lots of pop corns, switch off lights, cuddle on sofas and have a movie night.
Kids have very short attention spans. They get excited in a moment and they get bored in a flash. So plan ahead to keep the interest alive :D

  • Either pictionary or scrabble, ludo or uno, monopoly or whatever, there are a variety of board games available which never let kids get bored. Choose one appropriate for your kids age and let the fun begin.
  • Have a study circle every weekend. Tuck in blankets. Read an interesting story, involve kids by asking questions.
 Take a moment to bring your own childhood to your mind, all the games which you used to play, all the activities you loved to do. Blend them in with your kids interests and you will invent a whole range of new ideas :)

Turn your Wintery weekends into a perfect time for some cosy, in home activities, drinking hot chocolates, munching all the types of nuts, having loads of fun and making memories!!! 

Its a part of our series ' How to be a better Mom in 31 days! '

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