Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Parenting is about Growth!

Now , when I am a mom myself , I can’t dare to express the way I used to feel for the lot of naughty kids and which hidden, lofty ideas I used to cherish for my kids to be!

However it didn’t last long! My aspirations of raising the sophisticated, self disciplined, gem of toddlers who knows the best and finest of ways to behave blew away when I was blessed with my first child! My daughter was a little bustling bunny of hyperactivity, vigor, vitality, strength and stubbornness! And I was all the time on the go to get her around! My entire senses were on guard to watch and guide her every move. My sole aim was to make her the best child of entire community where we used to live at that time. If I start relating my follies of past parenting period it would take me another 31 days which I’m in no position to start now ;P  Well to cut long story short it took me two more kids and nine more years to realize that parenting is more about cherishing  your child than evaluating her!

Today I look back at the early days of parenting, I feel as I have spent the days of fun and merriment in unnecessary directing, dictating and debating sprees!

Now when my youngest daughter is about to be two, the contrast of two different parenting approaches emerge vividly in front of me! Then I was strict now I am flexible, those were the days of disciplining, now I prefer enjoying!      

 Though it never stops pinching me but still I’m glad that I have moved on! Problem is there when you don’t realize it, the moment you diagnose the core issue, you get on the way of cure! It’s not a mistake to do a mistake, everyone does but problem arises when we allow ourselves to repeat it!  

 You don’t need parenting coaches to guide you through the way. You are your best guide! You know your limitations and aspirations!  No one can understand you and your child better than your own self!

Parenting is not a phase of life, it’s a lifelong process! Keep moving and improving with it!

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