Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Keep on moving, your efforts will be rewarded!

We can’t help being frustrated when we see that all the efforts, energy and time we are spending on kids is apparently going in vain. They are entirely different from the way we are trying them to be! We feel angry over behavior issues, etiquette problems, study time tantrums, and dress up dramas! I know how torturing it is to listen to ‘No’ every time you say something! How trying it is when after all the efforts you put in your kids project but when you miss a single one, you are told that, “you never do anything.” It’s seriously depressing for a mom to hear from her child even knowing that he doesn’t mean it that, “You are a bad mom!”

It doesn’t matter how much efforts you put to set a routine but still it’s a daily struggle to make your kids follow it.

 This scenario seems not at all promising but it has a glittered, sliver lining around it! Your kids may be over ruling all the rulings but don't let it dampen your spirits! Their brains are registering, their hearts are absorbing whatever their eyes are seeing and ears are hearing. It's not getting scattered in air, it’s getting settled in their personalities!

If we peek into our childhood, all of us have some memories of repeatedly ignoring what our parents were continuously emphasizing. But It's simply amazing to see that those things we so despise as a child have become a permanent pat of our personalities!

 So keep on repeating little reminders to your kids, politely, passionately and compassionately! They may seem not responding but they are absorbing all the details whether it’s about etiquettes or values. Wait and you will get the best of responses once your child will be response-able or responsible!

 Be patient! Keep on training your kids, continue being their guiding star, their beacon house! Believe me your efforts will be rewarded insha Allah!