Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to be a happy Mom :)

Mom is the centre of gravity in every household. She attracts, binds and holds all the strings. Mom smiles, home smiles. Mom’s mood is contagious, upset mom – cranky kids, tired mom – hyper kids, angry mom – rebellious kids, simple mom – contented kids, assertive mom – organized kids, happy mom – happy kids!!!

But how to be a happy mom? Quite a quizzical quiz!

Heaps of work, piles of tasks, loads of commitments! We feel lost in this labyrinth! Where does lie the road to be a happy mom???

Here are the answers I got when I asked myself, don’t forget to share your own tips with us 

101 of being a happy mom!

 Know your preferences! You cannot bear a single stain on your kitchen counter but it’s getting late, your child is sleepy and your kitchen is a mess, what would you prefer to do? If you prefer to spend last of your day’s energies in brushing your kid’s teeth, helping him to get into pajamas, reading him a story then it’s obvious what matter to you most. So, don’t let it be an itchy issue if you find that at times your home is not up to the strict standards of cleanliness you expect it to be, because it’s not your preference! It may be second on the list but not the top priority!

  Avoid what agitates you and go for what elevates you!

  Pamper yourself everyday! It can be anything which uplifts your moods, relax your nerves, and enhance the sense of well being. What about a hot cup of tea with a light snack when kids are asleep and you are relaxing beside hubby or munching some nuts while watching your favorite shows. Specify a time and respect it. We can’t expect respect from others for our rest and relaxation if we are the first to ignore it.

  Look pretty and smell wonderful,it doesn’t take more than a minute to apply some gloss and spray perfume. It’s not you who will feel good with a nice look it’s your kids and hubby who would love it whether they admit it or not ;)

 Be positive and be with positive people. You become the company you walk with and talk with. Choose wisely!

Though it’s a cliché but you can’t deny its effectiveness, “Don’ put it till tomorrow what you can do today.” Don’t get lethargy take over the better of you. Do it now!

  Plan and prepare! An organized Mom is a happy Mom!

  The moment you lose your temper, you lose your dignity and grace! Be composed! Don’t let these little hands push your buttons.

  Take a break before work starts turning into drudgery.

Days are long but years are short! Rejoice your past, enjoy your present and look forward to your future! Life is a miracle, live it beautifully! Be thankful!