Friday, 20 December 2013

Inspire your child to dream !!!

 Once my husband told me a cute tale from his childhood which I’m relating here; “One day I was playing hockey with my friends. Before starting the game we were choosing the names of our favorite players. I said, “I’ll be Sami ullah.” My other friend announced that he will be Kaleem ullah and another opted to be Salahuddin. Only one was left, we asked him that what he wanted to be and he said, “I’ll be Aamir Aslam! He proudly declared his own name.” We were young at that time, still I couldn’t help appreciating his approach, his confidence, his self esteem, his believe in himself!”

Isn’t it truly motivational to be your own hero!

Let’s encourage our kids to be the heroes! Inspire them to aspire high! Help them to know how to help themselves. Tell them that Allah helps those who help themselves! Show them the path of self reliance. Self reliance leads to self content and self content is a bliss which calms our inner noise, answers our uncertainties, relieves our fears, enables us to love the way we live!

Encourage them to think, motivate them to aspire, inspire them to dream, support them to achieve, see them to excel!

Inspire them to dream….to imagine, to aspire, to achieve! Give free reign to their imagination. Don’t bind their inner vision within material limits. Replace professions with passion to be better whatever they do!  Don’t define their dreams, let them think for themselves! Direct them but don’t label their desires. Let them be different! Let them go for the road which is less taken! Don’t tag their paths with terms of your choice!

Be an inspiration for your kids. Be their guiding star, their beacon house! Help them to dream! Encourage them to be a super hero! Be an inspiration, be a motivator, be a positive impulse in your child’s life!
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