Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Enjoy your child !

Even before my first child was born people started warning me about the parenting hazards, dilemmas and difficulties. One of the oft repeated warnings was to totally avoid carrying her in lap. “It’s addictive and your child gets used to be glued to you!” “It will make her independent.” “She will learn to play at her own.” And many more!!! Somehow all the above statements made sense to me and I followed them religiously. I was quite proud of myself when I saw other kids clinging to their moms while mine was happy in her world.

 Years later when my son was born, the realization came! It’s different to raise first and second baby. You have plenty of time and all the reserves of energy at your disposal when your first baby is born. However, they get depleted on the birth of second one. Besides taking care of a new born, you are responsible for a toddler as well! You need time to relax and revive your energies.

 When my new born turned into a cackling baby, when my crawling baby became a running toddler is a fleeting memory!

To me the first shock came when my six years old son simply refused to kiss me on the grounds that he is no more a small boy! 

I’m not a sort of person who loves to cling to past but the only days I would love to relive is the time when my kids were small. I know they are still small and we still have lots of huggy buggy times but I miss the days of cuddle, when I used to hold them close to me, feeling their soft toes, inhaling faint smell of baby powder, tickling, giggling and rolling together in bed!  

We are so enthusiastically busy in facilitating things for our kids, providing them with the best we can planning for their future, rejoicing over their past that we totally forget the wonderful present which our child is!

Enjoy your baby, relish your child!

Hold them as much as you can, as often as you can! There's no harm in carrying your baby in your arms, they will not stay there forever. If it's adictive then let it be!

This time is fleeting, these days are running! You can’t hold it, so LIVE it! Live it to its fullest! Savor its every moment! Luxuriate it’s every aspect!