Sunday, 22 December 2013

Give values to your kids!

I read a wonderful saying almost two decades ago which played an important part in my being ME!

“If you don’t have a set of rules and principles to follow then be prepared to follow someone else’s!

It has proven true whenever I have tried it. This is the difference between one who drives, takes initiative, lead the situation, and is active and the one who passively rely upon others or circumstances to decide for him!

 You cannot live just like that, no matter how free spirited you are! Life is governed by a certain discipline regardless of race and religion. Life is not supposed to be just like that, you cannot be just like that…It’s a worthy possession, a precious gift. And we should learn to value it!

Consciously or unconsciously every household bears certain traits; there are some focused on abundance; whether its food or fun, closets or corners you’ll get a lot of everything, some revolves around cleanliness where mom cannot let go off a single speck of dust, some families love to form criticizing hubs, criticizing everyone starting from their own siblings and going to neighbors to relatives to so on. In short every family unknowingly follows a pattern, a system, a set of values!

‘Honesty is the best policy!’ is a long forgotten cliché we used to read in our text books. When a child is raised in a household where the virtue of Honesty is seriously implied and religiously applied on daily basis creates an adult who knows what he expects from others…..Honesty! He would not be confused in his dealings. If he would see that other person is doing otherwise he will withdraw himself gracefully.

Life is bliss when you know your preferences! Decision making is an art which ease out difficulties, but it’s only possible if we have values to facilitate our thinking!  You are not spending your days, you are living them! Life is not a mere chain of events, it’s a series of meaningful episodes where every moment carries purpose, every minute is valued, and every second is precious!

 So do give your kids clear and positive values when they are in their early years to set a solid foundation for their entire life!

Enable them to think, analyze and perceive what they want form a certain situation. Nurture their inner vision.

Let’s make a conscious effort to develop cautiously crafted set of positive values and try to promote it in our household!

 Honesty, truth, character, tolerance, simplicity, commitment, integrity, courage may seem clichés but they are the essence of life, base for a strong personality and a promise of achievement here and hereafter!!!                                                                                           

Day two; Be Prepared
Day three; Be there!
Day Four; Watch your Expectations!
Day Five; Let's bake some cupcakes!
Day Six; Five minutes means five minutes!
Day Seven; Weekend Fun!
Day Eight; How to help your kids to keep their room tidy!
Day Nine; Let's arrange your kids' closet!
Day Ten; Please don't embarrasse Mama :(
Day Eleven; Be a Proactive Mom!
Day Twelve; Engage your kids in household work!
Day Thirteen; Let's decorate some cupcakes!
Day Fourteen; Listen to them!
Day Fifteen; Be Patient!
Day Sixteen; Inspire your child to dream!
Day Seventeen; Give them books :)
Day Eighteen; Give values to your kids!
Day Nineteen; Let's be grateful to our kids for being there!
Day Twenty; Pamper your child :)
Day Twenty-One; Be a Happy Mom :)
Day Twenty-two; 'Our kids are for different times.'
Day Twenty-three; Hugs and Kisses :)
Day Twenty-four; Be the first and the best friend of your child :)
Day Twenty-five; Parenting is about growth!
Day Twenty-six; Enjoy your child!
Day Twenty-seven; Keep on moving; your efforts will be rewarded!
Day Twenty-eight; Routines are life savers!
Twenty-nine; Connect your kids!
Day Thirty; You are the best Mom :)
Day Thirty-one Heavy lies the head that wears a crown !

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