Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Learn to be Patient!

I was thinking if I have to describe true essence of Parenting in one word, what would it be????
It didn’t take me more than a moment to get answer,“Patience!”
Yes, the key to successful parenting, the secret to raise better and brighter kids is ‘patience’!

Don’t you think so ours is a generation of impatient people! Can we compare ourselves with our moms? I know we were not as difficult as we think our kids are ( and they actually are! ) But I’m sure, if you peek into your childhood, none of you will remember frequently going on power struggles and recurrent arguments. Those were the rare occasions when we saw our parents losing composure.

And here we are, answering our kids even before they have completed the question, commenting before listening to entire story! We deduct results and pass judgements! Over the time we become apt in leading conversation to debates. Nothing can elevate our moods better and faster than a 'yes mama'! To gain short term benefits we lose long term rewards!

We have long forgotten the beauty to be in present moment, the charm of waiting, the skill of expanding time and the art of being Patient! We have lost the charisma of 'Patience' and found new magical skills which gives us instant results! We resist wait and like to give chances to our kids..first, second, third and last chance. What a fun it is to count till ten to make your child finish her milk or to make him put on jacket. Though I think that we need it more than our kids. Really, if we count till ten before yelling at our kids, most probably the result we get may be better! May be the moment we were about to shout was the moment our child was about to get up to do the work, we wanted him to do!

We feel tired and frustrated. We are tired because regardless of the effort we are putting, things are not going the way we want them, we are frustrated because we feel that we are failing to fulfil our responsibilities.

Why don't we pause for a while, stay and see, listen instead of hearing, give some more and more time to our kids!

Let's expand the moment! Let's be patient!

The key to avoid all the frustrations, disappointments, anger and despair is ‘Patience’!

What is ‘patience’? Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity.
It’s a way to act not react, It’s a route to believe not perceive, It enables us to let things go, it  is the state of preservence under difficult circumstances, without acting on annoyance or anger in a negative way. It is a way of exhibiting forbearance when under strain! It regulates our angry emotions and monitor our frustrations and control our responses! It enables us to pause before speaking, it motivates us to listen, to relate and be compassionate! Patience is an inborn ability as much as it is a skill which we can master with some conscious effort!
What an idea, what a state of mind, what a way of living!        

Let's live in the moment today! Let's count till ten before talking to our kids today! Let's be patient!

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