Tuesday, 14 January 2014

You are the best Mom!

Yes, you are the best Mom in the entire world for your kids! There is no one in entire world who can understand your child better than you! No one who can hold these muddy hands the way you do! No one who can wipe this runny nose with a smiling face but you! No one who can listen to these endless tales except you! It’s you who can spend hours and hours in some inessential art projects every other week! It’s you who has stamina to tend a sick child at night after a long and tiring day! It’s you and only you who can do all of it and much more!   At times you may feel that you cannot cope with parenting stress, still no one, no matter how close to you he or she is can bear it for you the way you can and you do! It’s your path, it’s your journey and you have to walk through it! No one can tread it better than you! There are situations which may lead you to the road of stress, depress and regress. You may lose the direction but you cannot lose your path because you are a mom and your motherhood is your strength!

It’s you and only you who can do all of it and much more! You do feel tired and you do complain but you never want to cast them aside! You may be intolerant and you may be rude, you may lack patience and you may lose composure but you can never lose love you feel for your child!

It’s your household, your very own little kingdom, your sanctuary, your refuge, your little world! No one can cherish it the way you do and no one can run it the way you can!

Sometimes it’s really surprising to see the way people come out with ideas and suggestions regarding your parenting. It’s always good to listen to good advice but sometimes such situations are more tormenting than soothing. Don’t be intimidated! Be confident about your parenting pattern with an ear shut to unnecessary remarks, tips and tools and eagerly open to compassionate suggestions!  

It’s you who can create a difference in your child’s life. Your time, love, compassion and passion for your child can do miracles! 

So, be happy and be proud because…. You are the best mom!!!

Day two; Be Prepared
Day three; Be there!
Day Four; Watch your Expectations!
Day Five; Let's bake some cupcakes!
Day Six; Five minutes means five minutes!
Day Seven; Weekend Fun!
Day Eight; How to help your kids to keep their room tidy!
Day Nine; Let's arrange your kids' closet!
Day Ten; Please don't embarrasse Mama :(
Day Eleven; Be a Proactive Mom!
Day Twelve; Engage your kids in household work!
Day Thirteen; Let's decorate some cupcakes!
Day Fourteen; Listen to them!
Day Fifteen; Be Patient!
Day Sixteen; Inspire your child to dream!
Day Seventeen; Give them books :)
Day Eighteen; Give values to your kids!
Day Nineteen; Let's be grateful to our kids for being there!
Day Twenty; Pamper your child :)
Day Twenty-One; Be a Happy Mom :)
Day Twenty-two; 'Our kids are for different times.'
Day Twenty-three; Hugs and Kisses :)
Day Twenty-four; Be the first and the best friend of your child :)
Day Twenty-five; Parenting is about growth!
Day Twenty-six; Enjoy your child!
Day Twenty-seven; Keep on moving; your efforts will be rewarded!
Day Twenty-eight; Routines are life savers!
Twenty-nine; Connect your kids!
Day Thirty; You are the best Mom :)
Day Thirty-one Heavy lies the head that wears a crown !

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